There are very easy steps to check IESCO bills online. IESCO is providing a facility to its consumers to check their monthly and previous bills online. You can check your bill before the arrival of the bill copy at your doorstep.
One of the first things to understand when it comes to checking for a bill at IESCO is that you are going to have the previous bill or just a reference number. If you do not have this type of information, you will need to ask for it from someone in the customer service area. Once you have all of the information that you need, you can then start following the steps. It means that you will need to check the IESCO bill online often.


Check IESCO Bill

In the mid of every month, IESCO dispatches bills to the consumer’s registered address. If you haven’t got your bill yet, you can claim a copy of your bill from the office, and you can also check your bill online. You just need your bill reference number to fetch the bill online or from the office.


IESCO Check Bill Online.

IESCO Check Bills Online

IESCO is providing facilities to its consumers to check their electricity bills online. Now you don’t have to wait for long to get your bill deliver at your door-step. Just put your reference number in the section box and get your bill online. There is no limitation to fetch numbers of bills. You can download, print, and pay your bills online.


How to Check IESCO WAPDA Bill.

You can easily check your IESCO bill with few steps. If you are not familiar with internet browsing, we have listed simple steps that will guide you to get your bill online easily. Make sure to keep the reference number or old bill cop with you.

  1. Go to IESCO official website or go top of this page
  2. Enter the reference number in the given box
  3. Click on generate the number
  4. Your current month bill will be generated.
  5. You can download and print your bill with the given options.


IESCO Duplicate bill.

You can get your IESCO duplicate bill copy online. Check the guide given above. A duplicate bill is needed when you have lost your bill copy or need some documentation process. You can also claim to your nearest division office and submit an application to get your bill duplicate copy.


IESCO Helpline.

iesco helpline

If you have any trouble related to your connection, you can reach its helpline and submit your query. You can physically visit their office or call its helpline number. You can also submit your complaint online. Go to its official website, click on the online complaint, select your complaint type, and submit your application in detail.



IESCO is providing many facilities for its consumers. They are offering online facilities such as online bill checks, downloads, and payments. Now you can assess all your bill’s status and their payments on your mobile.



Q. How can I check my IESCO bill?

A. Go to the top of this page and submit your bill reference number in the box; your bill will be generated. A complete guide is also given above.

Q. How many bills can I check at a time?

A. There is no limitation; you can check as much as you can.

Q. Can I download the bill online?

A. Yes. When you check your bill, there is an option to download your bill. You can also print your bill online.

Q. Can I check my IESCO bill without a reference number?

A. You must need your last bill copy or residential information to get your bill without a reference number. You can only obtain your IESCO bill from your local IESCO office.