PESCO Complaints – Register Your Complaints

If you are having any issues related to your connection, you can reach out to PESCO complaints. The members respond to your immediately and take complete action on your complaint. To facilitate the customers in a better way, PESCO offers an online complaint system. Now consumers can submit applications online related to their issues, and consumers will be notified when the team comes to them to resolve issues.

The organization itself is adopting advanced technological changes to facilitate consumers better and minimize technical errors.

PESCO Complaints:

Peshawar electric supply company is also known as PESCO. The helpline members are always active in responding to you. There are different procedures through which you can reach its helpline. You can manually visit the nearest office and submit your complaint. You can also call its helpline number and record your complaint. If you are familiar with internet browsing, then you can submit the application of a complaint online.

PESCO Helpline Number 111-000-128


PESCO Online Complaints.

PESCO Online Complaint

The online complaint system has made life easier for consumers. You can easily submit your complaint online. The response time is slow when it comes to online complaints, but it saves a lot of time to visit the office and wait for your turn. You can easily submit your complaint online through easy steps.


How to submit PESCO complaints online?

You can also register your complaint online through its official website. You can submit your complaint and wait for a response. Once they go through your complaint, you will get a confirmation call for further confirmation. The manual complaint is more effective than an online complaint. Follow the step-by-step guide below to submit your complaint online.

  1. Visit PESCO official website
  2. Select online complaint
  3. Select complaint type
  4. Input your registered information and details
  5. Write in detail about the issues you are facing


All the members are not familiar with internet browsing. If you face any issue in an online complaint, you can call its helpline number and submit your issues on the phone call.



PESCO is providing good helpline service to its consumers. You can reach them any time, and they will warmly submit your complete query. You can also visit the office and submit your complaint online. Go to the official website, and you will get all information related to your queries. If you want to reach helpline for urgent, 0



Q. What is the PESCO helpline number?

A. The PESCO helpline number is 111-000-128.

Q. How to check complaint status?

A. Visit the official website and click on the complaint status. It will show your complaint status.

Q. How can I submit my complaint online?

A. Go to the official website of PESCO and click on the online complaints, submit your registered information, write your application in detail, and click the submit button.

Q. How much time does it take to respond to a complaint?

A. It takes at least 24 hours or depends upon the on-going complaints at the same time.