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Check your PESCO bills now. You can find all information on our website related to PESCO bills. For further information, check the article.

Peshawar electric supply company is also known as PESCO. Not only Peshawar, but it covers all the major cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is distributing power to about 2.6 million users to all civilians districts. It offers the best services to its consumers under the management of WAPDA. They are always providing their best, so their consumers are satisfied all time.

The divisions that fall under the PESCO are:

  • Bannu
  • Hazara-I
  • Hazara-II
  • Khyber
  • Mardan
  • Peshawar
  • Swabi
  • Swat

With time PESCO is adopting technological changes to provide the best facilities to its consumers. They are providing online bill checks and online bill downloads. Consumers can submit various complaints and can also apply for a new connection online.

PESCO Online Bills:

At the first of mid of each month, the consumers receive their monthly electricity bill at their registered address by PESCO. Sometimes due to some reason, the bill is not received by consumers. To pay the bill on time, the consumer can claim a copy by showing the previous bill or downloading bills online.

PESCO Online Bill

If you haven’t received your bill yet or you want to download your bill online, go to the official website or see the box on the top. Put your bill reference number in the box and press enter; your current monthly bill will be generated. If you face any trouble in finding your bill online, you can contact to PESCO helpline.

How to Check PESCO Bills Online:

PESCO providing a facility to its consumers to get their bills online. Now you don’t have to worry about your bill delivery at your doorstep; you can quickly check your bill online. Just enter the reference number and get your bill on your screen. Follow the steps listed below to Check PESCO Bills Online:

  1. Get your reference number
  2. Click at the button above named “Check and Download Bill Here”
  3. Put your reference number
  4. Download your bills or print them

You can also get your previous month’s bill online; there is no limit to check online; you can use it for as much time as you can.


PESCO Duplicate Bill

We all know it is quite challenging to obtain a duplicate bill. Due to some documentation process, we all need a duplicate bill copy or some time bill hasn’t reached home. Now you can easily access your duplicate bill copy at your home. You can download the current and previous month’s bills online. You can also print your PESCO bill online.

PESCO Bill Print:

You can easily print your PESCO bill now. All you have to do is put your bill account number and see a print button on there.


PESCO New Connection Online:

Pesco new connection

PESCO is offering service to its customers for a new connection. If you want a new connection for the new place, you must fill in all the necessary information. You have to submit an application along with standard charges; if you qualify for a new connection, they will visit your area and install the connection. It usually takes time to get approval and installation for a new connection. To submit a new application for the connection click on the button below:

PESCO provides facilities for its customers that they can apply for a new connection online. You can visit their website online and submit the application with the correct information. You can submit your application and documents online in the end; you have to submit a voucher to the designated bank only. If you are not familiar with the online connections, then you can visit the nearest office.

PESCO Online Payment Method:

You don’t have to wait in a long queue for payments to your bill. You can quickly pay your PESCO bills online. There are various applications and bank apps through which you can easily pay your bills. You must have an internet connection and balance in the account to pay. You will get a confirmation message on the registered number once your bill has been paid. Some of the most possible and easy ways to pay your bills online are:

  • JazzCash
  • Easypaisa
  • Allied Bank Transfer

PESCO Helpline & Complaint Registration:

PESCO Helpline

If you have any problem related to your PESCO connection, you can reach any office or through an online complaint form during working hours. The working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. You can call their official phone number and register your complaint. They will respond to your complaint as soon as possible. It mostly takes time of about one week to respond to your complaint.

Complaint Register:

Complain Register Number: 118 or Sms at 8118

You can submit your complaint and wait for a response. Once they go through your complaint, you will get a confirmation call for further confirmation. The manual complaint is more effective than an online complaint.

Final Verdict.

PESCO has updated its online presence, and now its consumers can take a lot of advantage of them. They offer online bill payment, online bills, online duplicate bills, online new connection applications, and online complaint systems to facilitate their consumers. Consumers can reach the workers by their online portal.



Q. How to check the PESCO bill online?

A. Go to its official website or submit your reference number in the above box; press the enter, and your current monthly bill will be on your screen.

Q. How to pay a PESCO bill online?

A. Many fintech companies are offering online bill payments. Submit your bill account number, and your amount will be visible; you can pay with your available balance.

Q. What is the reference number in the PESCO bill?    

A. Every consumer has a particular registered reference number. You can avail yourself of online facilities with your reference number.

Q. Can I submit my complaint online?

A. Yes, PESCO offers an online complaint; you can submit your complaint online; for further confirmation, they will call you and register your complaint.

Q. How can I check my PESCO bill is paid or not?

A. You can confirm it in your next bill. In the section of the bill payment summary, you can see the bill for the month paid.

Q. Can I check my PESCO bill with my name?

A. You can only check your bill online through your reference number.

Q. What is the unit rate of the PESCO bill?

A. The unit rates vary according to specified hours. There are two sections, standard and peak hours.