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Calculate your bills by using the PESCO bill calculator. you can find all information on our website related to PESCO bills. for further information check the article…

You can easily calculate your monthly bill by observing the units you consumed and per unit charges according to their conditions. You can finalize your estimated net value and current month’s official bill copy value to get satisfied. You cannot calculate the exact value, but you can sort out the average value for your usage.


Readings are noted by meter recorders manually, and computers generate bills. Sometimes, due to some technical errors, you get charged with a lot of money. You can observe the meter reading and differentiate between the amount, so you can easily claim your bill to the PESCO office if you have been charged for overbilling.


PESCO Bill Calculator

 PESCO Bill Calculator

If you want to calculate your PESCO bill, there is complete information on your bill’s copy. You can also measure your meter’s initial and final reading and finalize the units you have consumed. Then adding all taxes, the final cost can be easily calculated.


How to Calculate PESCO Bill?

If you want to calculate the PESCO bill, then you have to gather some figures from all resources given on your bill copy. The PESCO bill copy contains various elements with its figures; you have to note down each.


PESCO Connection Type You Have.

PESCO new connection charges

There are different connection charges for each type of connection. Because the residential has the lowest unit rate and industrial has the maximum. The rate of units also increases due to the number of units consumed.

If you are not aware of the connection type you have, you can check your bill copy; it is mentioned with the connection type.

Number Of UnitsCharges
<50 UnitsRs.2.00
>21 <100 UnitsRs.5.79
>101 <200 UnitsRs.8.11
>401 <300 UnitsRs.10.20
>301 <700Rs.17.60
Above >700 UnitsRs.20.70


If you observe something strange in your monthly bill amount and meter reading, you can calculate the bill and finalize an average amount according to your consumptions. There are various reasons you might get overbilled, but you must have proof to justify the over-billing to resolve the issue. The team will visit and observe your usage and installed appliances.



Q. How is meter reading recorded?

A. On a monthly basis meter reader visits every PESCO consumer’s house and record. The meter reader records the reading and records it into reading records. You get charged on the units you have consumed.

Q. How to correct the bill if I am over-billed?

A. If you find something strange in the bill, you can visit your nearest division office and submit your complaint with a proper application.

Q. How many days are given for paying electricity bills?

A. At least 15 days are given to all consumers to pay; if bills are not paid on time, the consumers are charged with penalty fees or loss of connection.