IESCO Duplicate Bills – Check your IESCO Duplicate Bill Now

IESCO offers an online duplicate bills facility for its consumers. Duplicate bill the copy of your original bill. When you lost your bill, or the bill hasn’t arrived at your location yet, you can claim your IESCO duplicate bill from your nearest division office or online. You can use a duplicate bill for various reasons, such as paying your bills and identifying the previous billing records. You can quickly get your duplicate IESCO bill copy online or at the IESCO office. All you have to do is show your last bill copy or reference number, and at the same time, you will receive your bill copy.

Duplicate bills are alternative options when you don’t have your original electricity bill. IESCO offers easy and simple duplicate bill generation. The latest bill duplicate copy can only be generated once it is issued, while you can generate the previous month’s duplicate bill copy anytime online.

IESCO Duplicate Bills

If you haven’t received your electricity bill yet and the bill payment date is near to expire, you can claim the duplicate bill copy. It is another copy of your bill that could help you to pay and submit the bill for various reasons. IESCO is offering duplicate bill service almost all the electricity providers in Pakistan are offering such service. A duplicate bill is the exact copy of your original bill, and it is just marked as a duplicate bill.

IESCO Duplicate Bill

A few years ago, it was difficult to get your duplicate bill copy because you have to submit the previous bill in the office, and they provide you its a duplicate copy to get your bill copy. Now you can easily access your bill copy. Just enter your reference number in the above box and choose the billing month you want.

How to Get Duplicate Bill from the office?

A division office is located in each area that falls under IESCO. You can visit your nearest office and submit your application for a duplicate bill. The staff will immediately handover you a copy of your bill. You just need an old bill copy or your bill account/reference number.

IESCO Duplicate Bill Online

IESCO offers the facility for its consumers that they can view the duplicate bill copy online. You can view, print, and download the bill copy online. You don’t have to visit the office and claim the bill there; you can get it at your home or anywhere.

There is no need to visit your district IESCO office to get a duplicate bill copy, you can access it online on mobile or pc easily. The guide has been given below.

iesco duplicate2

How to download duplicate bills online?

Follow the below steps; we have made the process easy for you.

  1. Go to the official website of IESCO
  2. Click on the duplicate bill icon
  3. Please enter your account/reference number in the box and submit it
  4. Your duplicate copy will be generated on the screen
  5. You can also print and download the bill; options are given below the bill.


Getting a duplicate bill is now easier; with just a few clicks, you can get your duplicate bill. Almost all electric provider companies in Pakistan are adopting online services. You can get duplicate bill copies online; also, you can check, download, and pay your bills easily.



Q. How much it takes to get a duplicate bill?

A. When you visit the office, you can get it immediately. Just provide the bill details, and they will hand over your bill copy.

Q. How to download duplicate bill copy online?

A. Just click on the duplicate bill on IESCO official website and submit with details; you will see a download button below, click the button, your bill will be downloaded.

Q. Do duplicate bills contain all the information of monthly billing?

A. The IESCO duplicate bill is the exact copy of your original bill. It contains all the records of your previous billing.

Q. What are the things needed to get a duplicate bill?

A. You only need your previous bill or just a reference number, also known as your billing account number, to get your duplicate bill.