IESCO Bill Calculator 2022

The IESCO bill calculator can help you to figure out the estimated amount of electricity units you have consumed throughout the month. At some point in our lives, many of us have used an IESCO electricity bill calculator to work out our monthly outgoings. If you don’t know what one is, it works by figuring out how many electrical appliances you are using with your electric supply on average per month and then dividing this number by the number of hours you use it (i.e. 4 hours per week x 365). It can then be used to sort out the actual amount you might need to spend on your electricity.

It is important to remember that the amount of money you end up paying for your electricity is the cost of the supply you receive with the cost of generating the electricity and various types of taxes.

IESCO Bill Calculator

There are a few ways that you can help yourself to keep your costs down when using an electricity bill calculator. First of all, if you live in a rural area, then you may not need electricity.

An electricity bill calculator can also help you to set your monthly bill budget. If you make a special list of everything you will use over a month, you can work out more realistic figures regarding how much electricity you need. You can then factor in any seasonal changes, such as when you turn on and off lights at night, and adjust your estimated usage accordingly. If you find that you are almost running out of an electricity bill, there could be a problem. Find out about all the features of the games in the free casino GameTwist. Try to reduce the use of appliances during peak hours.

How to Calculate IESCO Bill?

If you want to calculate the IESCO monthly bill, Check the following steps,

  1. Note down all the taxes given on the bill information.
  2. Check the last billed units and current billed units.
  3. Compare the initial and final reading; you will get the units you have consumed this month, now multiply these units with unit rates and add all taxes, you will get an estimated bill.

The entire charges information is listed on the copy of your bill. There are various taxes and charges for each type of consumer and category. So, to figure out the actual amount make sure you are calculating the figure in the actual pattern,

IESCO Connection Types

Each connection has different rates; the residential has the lowest, and the industrial has maximum charges. Unit charges also depend on the time of use because they have set peak hours and charges are different in those hours.

IESCO Bill Calculator

If you are not aware of the connection type you have, you can check your bill copy; it is mentioned with the connection type.


<50 Units Rs.2.00
>21 <100 Units Rs.5.79
>101 <200 Units Rs.8.11
>401 <300 Units Rs.10.20
>301 <700 Rs.17.60
Above >700 Units Rs.20.70


You can now Calculate FESCO Units as well.


Of course, the primary use of an IESCO electricity bill calculator helps you finalize the budget. However, it is essential to remember that this needs to be an occasional reminder, and you should not rely on it to cut your electricity costs. For instance, if you use many modern appliances that are plugged in all the time, you could be in for some big shocks come next month. It is still much better to set yourself a realistic budget than to hope that your electricity bill calculator tells you the right amount to spend on electricity.

Calculating your IESCO bill is a useful way of working out how much you will be paying for every unit of electricity you use. However, it is essential to know that this information is correct as long as you have not overspent. To check the accuracy of your calculations, you can get an online IESCO bill calculator. These calculators will quickly and easily inform you of how much you need to save and alert you when you have spent more than the recommended amount. Once you have used an online calculator, you will probably never go back to manually calculating your bills again!


Q. How to correct the bill if I am over-billed?

Ans. If you find something strange in the bill, you can visit your nearest division office and submit your complaint with a proper application.

Q. How many days are given for paying electricity bills?

Ans. At least 15 days are given to all consumers to pay; if bills are not paid on time, the consumers are charged with penalty fees or loss of connection.

Q. Can I calculate an exact bill amount?

Ans. No. but you calculate an estimated value so you can justify the bill amount.

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