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Welcome to HESCO Bills Check online website where you can check your HESCO duplicate bill easily. Here you can view your current electricity bill, find all information about previous bill, check consumer name and all other history about the bill. At the end or middle of each month, you get your HESCO bill is delivered at your door-step. After watching the bill amount, you see the portion is the due date of the bill. You have to pay your electricity HESCO bills on time to avoid extra charges and electricity connection loss. You can also check your monthly electricity bill online easily.

HESCO Online Bills:

Now you can easily get and download your HESCO bill online. There are various other online facilities offered by HESCO to its consumers. To check your HESCO Bills Online, Enter 14 Digits Reference Number from your Bill below:

Every month HESCO dispatches electricity bills for its consumers to their enrolled residential speech. It is mandatory to reach and receive the bill by the consumers; if the bill isn’t paid on time, you either lose your connection, or late charges will be applied.

How to Check HESCO Bill Online:

It is very easy to check your bill online. All you need is a mobile or desktop with an internet connection and your bill copy or reference number. If you are not familiar with internet browsing, then it might be some technical for you.

  • Check the box on top of this page
  • Please enter your registered reference number into it
  • Your bill will be available on your screen
  • You can download and print your bill online.

HESCO Duplicate Bills:

If you haven’t received your bill copy yet and want to pay your bill immediately, you have to claim a duplicate bill from the office. You can show your reference number or old bill, and they will print handover your current monthly bill. You can also claim a duplicate bill copy online. Put your reference number in the above box, and your bill will be appeared, download or print it easily.

HESCO Bill Payments:

Paying bills on time is the consumer’s priority; otherwise, they will face penalties or lose the connection. There are lots of banks in Pakistan that accept HESCO bills in all branches. You can also pay your bill at Easypaisa shops or the post office. If you are familiar with internet banking, you can quickly pay your HESCO bills through apps.

Internet banking has made life more comfortable. To use internet banking, you might be familiar with the use of applications and online transactions. You can quickly pay all your bills with the apps of your designated banks. You don’t have to wait in the bank for your turn; with this, you can perform all your transactions anywhere. To pay bills online, you must have an optimum balance and a proper internet connection.

How to Pay HESCO Bills Online:

It is easy to pay; if you are not familiar with or doing it for the first time, check the steps below. They will guide you to bill paying the complete process.

  1. Open the app of the bank on your phone
  2. Select bill payments
  3. Tap electricity
  4. Choose HESCO as a distributor
  5. Enter the reference number in the account number
  6. Your bill with your details and current month amount will be fetched
  7. Click on the pay now button
  8. Once your bill is paid, you will receive a confirmation message from your bank.

These are the lists of banks that accept HESCO bills:

Habib bank limited Bank Al-Falah
Meezan bank limited Bank al Habib limited
United Bank Limited Daraz Cash
Easy Paisa Jazz Cash


HESCO has acquired many changes in itself to facilitate its consumers in a better way. You can view, download, and pay your bill online. You can also ask for a new connection and submit your complaint. They respond immediately and resolve all your queries within days.

HESCO Helpline:

If you are having any trouble facing your connection or a tragedy around you, you can submit a complaint on the HESCO helpline number. They respond according to the situation. You can also visit their office near you and submit an application of complaint. Once your application is approved, they will respond and visit to resolve your query.


Q. How to change the name on the bill?

A. You can submit your application to your nearest office to replace your name. You can also submit an application online.

Q. How Can I pay my utility bills in installments?

A. If your current monthly bill is too high and you cannot afford it, you can clain=m for monthly installments. You have to visit the office and submit an application and your bill and the amount you want to pay monthly.

Q. How can I apply for my HESCO bill correction?

A. If you are sure that your monthly bill is incorrect, you can visit the office and claim bill correction. Sometimes they accept an application for bill correction, and sometimes they reject it.

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