GEPCO Bills – Check Your GEPCO Bills Now

Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (GEPCO) was put up across the region of authority and electrification community of the previous Area Electricity Board, which was made from the early eighties. It surrounded the areas of the Current regions of Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat, and Mandi Bahauddin. Officially it was incorporated on 25th April 1998 and obtained a certificate for business commencement on 5th June 1998.

The Government Of Pakistan (GOP) has opted to prepare an autonomous and independent Authority to take care of all accessible water sources and grid programs such as electricity production, transmission, and supply. The section was formed and called Water And Power Development Authority (WAPDA), the 2nd largest department in Pakistan following the Pak Army. From the 1980s, the energy distribution system of WAPDA was sub-divided into eight Spot Electricity Boards (AEB). Gujranwala was among those AEBs among distinct Electricity Boards addressing the energy distribution system. GEPCO has roughly 3098120 relations with a standard monthly set for the calendar year 2016-17 is approximately 8937 Million Rupees.


GEPCO Bills:

In Pakistan, the consumers are billed every month for utilizing electricity and gas. In the second half of the month, the bill is dispatched by the company to its respective address. The consumers are given ten days to pay the bill. If not, specific penalties are applied to consumers. If there is any query related to your bill, you can reach its complaint center.


GEPCO Online Bills:

GEPCO Online Bills

To facilitate consumers in a better way, electric providing companies are adopting online ventures for better services. GEPCO is offering online bills; all consumers can get their bills online. Your bill is reached to your door-step every month; if uncertainly you don’t get your bill, you can check it online by putting your reference number in the box given above.


How to check GEPCO Bills Online?

You can quickly check, download, and print your bill online. You need a stable internet connection and a mobile or laptop. To generate your bill, you will need a bill copy or reference number. If you are not familiar with internet browsing, then it might be some technical for you.

  1. Check the box on top of this page
  2. Please enter your registered reference number into it
  3. Your bill will be available on your screen
  4. You can download and print your bill online.


GEPCO Duplicate Bills:

If the bill hasn’t arrived at your registered address or you need a duplicate bill copy for some documentation process, you can calm the GEPCO bill duplicate copy online. You can visit your nearest office and show your reference number or old bill, and they will print and handover your duplicate bill. You can also claim a duplicate bill copy online. Put your reference number in the above box, and your duplicate bill will be appeared, download or print it easily.


GEPCO Bills Payments:

GEPCO bills payment

Paying bills on time will be the customer’s priority; otherwise, they will face penalties or lose the electricity connection. There are plenty of banks in Pakistan that take GEPCO bills in all their branches. You may even pay your bill at Easypaisa stores or in the post office. If you are familiar with internet banking, you can instantly pay your GEPCO bills through bank apps.


GEPCO Online Bills Payments:

Internet banking has made life more comfortable. To use online banking or paying your bills online, you might be familiar with the use of applications and internet banking. You’re able to quickly pay all of your bills with the apps from your designated bank’s apps. You do not need to wait in the bank for your turn; you can conduct all your transactions anywhere. To pay invoices online, you need to have an optimum balance and a proper internet connection.


How to pay GEPCO Bills Online:

It is easy to pay; if you are not familiar with or doing it for the first time, check the steps below. They will guide you to bill paying the complete process.

  1. Open the app of the bank on your phone
  2. Select bill payments
  3. Tap on electricity
  4. Choose GEPCO as a distributor
  5. Enter the reference number in the account number
  6. Your bill with your details and current month amount will be fetched
  7. Click on the pay now button
  8. Once your bill is paid, you will receive a confirmation message from your bank.


These are the lists of banks that accept GEPCO bills,

  • Habib bank limited
  • Bank Al-Falah
  • Meezan bank limited
  • Bank al Habib limited
  • United Bank Limited
  • Daraz Cash
  • Easy Paisa
  • Jazz Cash.


GEPCO New Connection:

GEPCO new connection

You have to pass through distinct documentation stages for each new connection, and then you will get a new connection. It is possible to apply online and going to the office. You have to fill out a form and then submit all records needed; you need to submit standard fees to the lender along with your data. Once the application is approved, they will install the link in your region.


GEPCO Helpline:

If you are facing any trouble with your connection and need help, you can reach the GEPCO helpline desk. You can visit the office, or you can call its helpline number. GEPCO also offers online help on its official website for its consumers. You can submit your complaint online, and once your complaint is approved, they will visit your area.



GEPCO has acquired many technical changes in itself to facilitate its consumers in a better way. You can view, download, and pay your bill online. You can also ask for a new connection and submit your complaint. They respond immediately and resolve all your queries within days.


Q. Can I fetch my bill online?

A. Yes. You can fetch your GEPCO bill online. Check the top of this page, put your reference number, and you will get your bill.

Q. What is the reference number?

A. Every consumer has a different reference number, which contains account details. You can find your reference number on the left top of your bill.