FESCO Helpline – Register Your FESCO Complaints Online

If you are facing any issue related to your FESCO connection, you can write a complaint to you near the designated decision FESCO Helpline office. You can also call to helpline number or if you are familiar with internet browsing, you can submit applications online through its official website.

The FESCO helpline is designed to cater to customers’ needs and be able to deal with any problems that may arise. Various FESCO helplines are available all across the Faisalabad that deal with a wide range of concerns. Many customers who do not report an electricity problem do not know that they can call the FESCO helpline to report an issue. Customers should report any concerns they have with their electricity provider.

Anybody can report problems with their home, or if they have an existing problem, the customer must do so within the specified period. If a customer has an electricity complaint, then the Helpline will provide them with advice and information about their complaints. FESCO works to ensure that its consumers are always satisfied with its service. The Helpline will give the customer contact details and continue to do so until all concerns have been dealt with.

The FESCO helpline is available seven days a week, and there are certain times during the day when it is most active. It is also staffed by professionals. These professionals know how to deal with customers sensitively and courteously. In addition to this, it is also equipped with over one hundred phone lines, which are operated twenty-four hours a day.

FESCO Helpline Telephone Directories.

FESCO Telephone Directories

The below list contains all the numbers and their designations. You can call your respective designation person for your complaints.

Name of PersonsDesignationOfficeMobile Numbers
Murid HussainXEN (O)92100600345-1501028
Syed Fazal AbbasSDO92100520345-1501029
Ali Sher AmanSDO92100610345-1501030
Ghulam MurtazaSDO92100840345-1501031
Muhammad SaleemSDO62010190345-1501032
Moazam MansoorSDO63220410344-5551214
Muhammad ArshadR.O92100570345-1501036
Muhammad AtharXEN (O)66113360345-1500920
Zeeshan HaiderSDO66105110345-1501034
Saddar RasheedSDO66111490345-1501035
Imdad AliSDO62123730345-1501033
Zulfiqar Ali ChaddarR.O6611329, 66207100345-1501036
Muhammad MubasharSE (O)92006410345-1502001
Jalal Ud DinT O92005950345-1500455
Abdul Hafeez NadeemDCM92004830345-1501524
Muhammad KhalidAPS92006410345-1500317
Muhammad ArshadSupdt92007670301-7081161
Pervaiz Aslam BajwaHDM92007670345-1500776
Tanzil ur RehmanTA92007670345-7713411
Ammar ImtiazXEN92003070345-1500480
Muhammad QasimSteno92003070305-7322526
Mubashar Ameer LaraSDO93300100345-1501005
Shahzaib Ali LiaqatSDO92011940345-1501006
Muhammad TalhaSDO93308520345-1501007
Ammar AfzalSDO93308470345-1501008
Tahir MaqsoodSDO85861910345-1501009
Madan LalSDO87672320345-1501012
Rashid MehmoodSDO93308890345-1500473
Muhammad AmjadXEN92201970345-1500261
M. Rafiq SabirSteno92201970332-6607247
Ajay KumarSDO92202390345-1501038
Sarmad HussainSDO85540540345-1501039
Faran AnwerSDO85047000345-1501040
Muhammad Altaf KashifSDO92300490345-1501041
Mudassar HabibSDO24234250345-1501042
Ahmar AyubRO92201900345-1501538
Sajjad Haider AwanXEN (O)85275550345-1500756
Waqar KhanSDO87612910345-1501015
Imran ShahzadSDO87612490345-1501016
Waqas AslamSDO47125650345-1501017
Zabee UllahSDO45890360345-1501018
Rana NaveedRO85275500345-1500908
Sajid NadeemXEN43129470345-1500194
Muhammad HussainSDO43122190345-1501022
Muhammad NaeemSDO46006170345-1501024
Muhammad TahirSDO47165450345-1501025
Farakh PervaizLS/SDO43129500345-1501026
Waleed IqbalRO4312263, 43188630345-1501027
Sarfraz AhmadSupdt92007670332-6679234
Mian Naveed SharifSupdt0333-9944720
Muhammad AsifTA0300-6217112
M. Asif NagraHDM0300-7681570
Shakil AhmadAcctt.0321-6626632
Muhammad RizwanTA0345-1500137
Mian IftikharHC0322-6281833
Muhammad WajidHDM0323-9663262
Waseem BariTA0300-6641403
Masood NasirHC0300-7977380
Adeel YasinHDM0304-9240685
Muhammad NaeemSupdt0300-7843471
Sher Ali NiaziTA0345-1501022
Muhammad NaeemHC0300-7843473
Muhammad ShafiqHDM0300-7841761
Ehsan LDCSteno0321-5736340
Nawazish AliTA0345-7966026
Abdul LatifAsstt0331-7798156
Shafaqat AliHDM0342-7953450
Muhammad ImranT/Attn0322-7819914
Ali RazaSteno0300-6038738
Pervaiz AhmedTA0345-1500960
Muhammad TouseefHC0345-1500296
Kashif ManzoorHDM0300-5691937
Nasir ShafiqAcctt.0321-8219878


Customers can use the FESCO helpline to report any concerns about their electricity\ supply and to ask questions regarding service. The helpline is also available to cater to emergencies where electricity out of service. The FESCO helpline is also available to deal with emergencies such as fire emergencies. In addition to these functions, the FESCO helpline offers a telephone guide to help customers locate service centers and alternative accommodation.