FESCO Bills – Check Your FESCO Bills Now

Now you can quickly pay your FESCO bills online, just like the other power companies it also provides online facilities to its consumers for facilitating them in a better way. Faisalabad electric supply company known as FESCO is an electric power company serving about 26 million peoples and got a distribution license under NEPRA in 1997.

FESCO Bills:

Every month a unit recorder visits your area and records your meter, and after few days a bill guy drops a bill copy at your doorstep consisting of the record and amount of units you have consumed this month. It is essential to get and pay your bill on time. There are various methods available now for paying bills. Now you can easily get and download your bill online. There are various other online facilities offered by FESCO to its consumers. You can print your bill and collect a duplicate copy of your bill at any time. If you have any complaint related to your connection or submit an application for a new connection, you can easily do it with a few steps.

It is considered one of the largest electric provider companies in Pakistan. The division which falls under FESCO is as follows.

  • Faisalabad,
  • Sargodha,
  • Mianwali,
  • Khushab,
  • Jhang,
  • Bhakkar,
  • Toba Tek Singh,

FESCO Online Bills:

FESCO is providing facilities to its consumers that they can easily access their monthly bills online. It takes time to rach bill at your doorstep monthly. Every month you can get your bill by entering your reference number in the above box. You can also check your previous bills, download, and print them easily. There is no limit to access bills online.


FESCO Duplicate Bill:

FESCO Duplicate Bill

For many purposes, you may need a bill duplicate copy to attach with documents or residential proof. A duplicate bill copy is also needed when the bill is not received on its arrival date. The payment is going to expire. You can get a duplicate copy of your bill by entering the reference number in the above box.


FESCO Bill Status:

When we pay our utility bills online, the tension rises for the payment status either they are paid or not. When you submit the payment immediately, you get a message from the designated bank to your registered number. The status of your bill is also shown as paid. The next month you can see the bill paid in the previous history section.


FESCO Bill Print:

FESCO is providing facilities for its consumers to print their bills online. You can check, download, and print your bill online. By entering your registered reference number in the box, the bill will appear, and you can select the options given below for your bill.


FESCO Bill Payments:

Just a few years back, the consumers were stuck to pay the bill to the designated bank only. Now you can pay your bill anywhere you want. Just make sure the distributor is verified. You can pay your FESCO bills in all branches and a local franchise near you. You can also pay your bills online.


FESCO Online Bill Payments:

FESCO Online Bills Payment

You can pay your bills online. Various fintech companies and bank apps are offering online bill payments. If the FESCO company is available there, you can pay your bills. Sometimes, the bill’s fetching may show an error; it is due to the poor server response, avoid paying through those apps that take time to load. Once your bill is paid, you will get a confirmation message.


FESCO Bill Estimator.

Many users claim that they are charges more than they consume; in that case, you can estimate your monthly FESCO bill. You can estimate your bill by observing all your appliance use and time of use. There are peak hours, and they have different rates. You can combine all electrical appliances, and by including all standard taxes, you can sum up your final monthly bill estimate.


FESCO Complaints:

If you any complaints related to your connection, you can easily reach to FESCO office and submit your application related to your complaint. You can visit the office and call its helpline number; they will register your complaint and inform you when visiting you.


FESCO Online Complaints:

You can submit your complaints online via their online portal on the official website. You have to submit a complete form and all information, once your application form is submitted, you check your application’s status. There will be a confirmation call from the office. In online complaints, it may take time from 10-15 days to respond to you.


Final Verdict:

FESCO is providing the best facilities to its consumers, with the time they are adopting technological changes and providing online facilities to the ease of its consumers. Now you can access, pay, and download your bill at home easily.



Q. How can I check my FESCO Bill online?

A. Submit your reference number in the above box and press the enter button you current month FESCO utility bill will be generated.


Q. Can I check my FESCO bill by meter number or CNIC?

A. No, you can just check it through your registered reference number.


Q. How to change the name on the bill?

A. You can submit your application to your nearest office to replace your name. You can also submit an application online.


Q. How Can I pay my utility bills in installments?

A. If your current monthly bill is too high and cannot afford it, you can clain=m for monthly installments. You have to visit the office and submit an application and your bill and the amount you want to pay monthly.


Q. How can I apply for my FESCO bill correction?

A. If you are sure that your monthly bill is incorrect, you can visit the office and claim bill correction. Sometimes they accept an application for bill correction and some time they reject it.