FESCO Bill Calculator

Calculating your FESCO bill is very useful, and can be of immense help to the customers in generating monthly electrical bills. The FESCO bill calculator helps analyze and predict electricity consumption and provides an estimate of the monthly expenditure. The customer can easily understand and analyze the electricity usage from his/her data and get a clear idea of how much electricity is consumed in a month. With the help of these FESCO bill calculators, customers can plan their monthly expenses and get a clear picture of their expenditures. This way, they can easily find out the savings that they can make on electricity.

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You can easily calculate your monthly FESCO bill by observing the units you consumed and per unit charges according to their conditions. It is easy to finalize your estimated net value and current month’s official bill copy value to get satisfied. You cannot calculate the exact value, but you can sort out the average value of units you have consumed this month.

FESCO Bill Calculator

Your bill has all information related to your charges. You can sharply analyze all the elements that are part of your sub-total charges. There are various taxes applied, such as meter rent, general sales tax, and other taxes.

The FESCO bill calculator not only helps in analyzing and forecasting the usage but also provides the estimated monthly expenditure. It helps the customers in making decisions related to expansion, purchases, mergers, buyouts, etc. All this can be understood with the help of the FESCO bill calculator. One has to enter the number of electricity units used in a month with provided rates for the bill estimate. There is some deduction of tax which is due to the government from the revenue earned.

FESCO Bill Calculator

According to the new tariff, if you haven’t consumed any units, you will still be charged some bill amount. The charges depend according to the connection type. After the calculation you can estimate how much fesco bill you’ve to pay for the current month.

How to Calculate FESCO Bill?

If you want to calculate the FESCO bill:

  1. Note down all the taxes given on the bill information.
  2. Check the last billed units and current billed units.
  3. Compare the initial and final reading; you will get the units you have consumed this month, multiply these units with unit rates and add all taxes; the final result will be your estimated bill.

You can get only an estimated value; you cannot calculate the exact value because units are charged on the basis of the time of their consumption. There are peak and normal hours. Each has different charges.

FESCO Connection Type and Their Charges.

There are different types of connections, and each connection has different rates; the residential has the lowest, and the industrial has maximum charges. Unit charges also depend on the time of use because they have set peak hours and charges are different in those hours.

The below table contains the charges that are applied to the consumers on the basis of the number of units consumed.

Number Of Units Charges
1 Unit + Taxes Rs.46.79
50 Units + Taxes Rs.625
100 Units + Taxes Rs.1213
200 Units + Taxes Rs.2668
400 Units + Taxes Rs.4646
600 Units + Taxes Rs.12887


If you want to calculate your bill, you can calculate an estimated value because to get exact; you have to calculate each hour of units you have spent. For general observation, take a look at your appliances and meter speed. If you find anything strange in your billing, you can submit a complaint to your nearest division office; if an error is found, they will optimize your bill in the upcoming months. The FESCO bill calculator is the fastest and the easiest method for the calculation of monthly electricity bills. Customers can generate the exact bill amount without wasting much time in the office.



How can I reduce my monthly bill?

You can reduce your monthly bill charges by lowering the usage of electrical appliances in peak hours or low use of high-consuming appliances.

What should I do if I am overbilled?

If you haven’t consumed over units and you are overcharged, you can claim in the office. You must have all proof and justification; if your complaint is verified, your FESCO bill will be reduced to some extent.

Are there specific peak hours set by FESCO?
A. Yes. FESCO sets specific peak hours. Fesco Bills are generated based on all units consumed over the month, including peak and non-peak hours. You can check the schedule of charges in the tariff section.


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