Check Electricity Bill Online – Check Bill Online

Every consumer gets their bill delivered to their doorstep. If your bill hasn’t arrived yet, you can check your electricity bill online, or you can ask for a duplicate bill copy from your nearest division office. You can check your bill by just entering the reference ID or account number. You have to wait for a few days for a bill to get to your doorstep, but you can check it online before the bill arrives at your address.


Electricity bill

Monthly basis, consumers get their electricity bills. The bill contains all the information related to the current month’s unit consumptions and other taxes applied. The charges are applied according to units consumed and time if it’s consumption. Your electricity bill is the set of information for the charges you have been charged on each month. It also contain the previous months bills and their billing status. If you have any query related to your bill, you can reach for IESCO helpline.


Electricity bill checks online

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Now you can quickly check your electricity bill on your pc or smartphone. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get a bill copy delivered to your doorstep. You can access your fresh copy or all previous bills online. A registered reference number is provided to you from your distributor; you can submit it and get your bill copy.


How to check electricity bill online?

We have listed easy steps through which you can check your bill online.

  1. Go to the official website of your provider
  2. Select the option check bill online
  3. Enter your reference number there and press the submit button
  4. Your bill with all information will be generated on the screen
  5. You can also download and print your bill online.


Electricity Bill Estimator

Most of the time, you get overbilled; it may be a technical error or human error. In that case, you can estimate your monthly bill. You can estimate your bill by observing all your appliance use and time of use. There are peak hours, and they have different rates. You can combine all electrical appliances, and by including all standard taxes, you can sum up your final monthly bill estimate.


Electricity Bill Complaints

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If you have any complaints related to your bill, you can submit it to your regional office; they will justify your application. If your complaint is found as an error, they will update their records, and the amount will be deducted from the next bill.

Electric Supply Companies



All the electricity provider in Pakistan are providing the best facilities to their consumers. They are adopting technological changes and providing online facilities for the ease of their consumers. Now you can access, pay, and download your bill at home easily.



Q. How to check the electricity bill online?

A. Go to its official website or submit your reference number in the above box; press the enter, and your current monthly bill will be on your screen.


Q. How to pay an electricity bill online?

A. Many fintech companies are offering online bill payments. Submit your bill account number, and your amount will be visible; you can pay with your available balance.


Q. What is the reference number in the electricity bill?    

A. Every consumer has a particular registered reference number. You can avail yourself of online facilities with your reference number.