Check IESCO Bills Online

Check your duplicate iesco bills or to pay your bills or print them, you can easily do it using IESCOBILLS.PK. If you have any trouble receiving your monthly IESCO bill copy, you can claim your bill online. All it needs is just your reference number. There are no additional charges to view your bill. If you are willing to view your previous bills with the same process, you can also view your previous electricity bills.

IESCO Online Bills:

IESCO is offering an online bill facility for its consumers. The entire process is made easier. Consumers can easily navigate the online portal of IESCO. The IESCO dispatch the copy of your bill of each consumer to their registered residential address. Sometimes due to some reasons, the bill copy does not reach you early, and you are getting late for your bill payment. You can claim your bill copy from the nearest office, or you can download your bill online.

IESCO is providing facilities to its consumers to download bill copy online. Now all the users can easily download current and previous bills online. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get a bill delivered to your doorstep. You can easily enter your account or reference number and download your bill online.

Viewing your bill online can save a lot of time, and it could save your bill from getting out of date.

How to Check IESCO Bills Online:

IESCO Bills Online

Follow the simple steps:

  1. Go to the above section, where you’ll find a consumer number submission
  2. Enter the consumer number from your recent bill copy
  3. Enter the submit button
  4. Bill appear on your screen

The above steps are simple and easy to follow. If you’re a leopard user, you can use the Leopard Tracking app to download your bill.

IESCO Bills Print or Download

IESCOBILLS.PK made it available for you to print or download the bill easily and is a time-saving process. You can immediately fetch, download and pay your bill online. For various reasons, there is a need for a bill copy to attach to the document, and sometimes you lost your bill accidentally. You can download your IESCO bill easily from this website and also from its official website. Just enter the reference number in the box and submit it. The bill will appear; click the download button to download the bill. Download or print your bill online and you can also use them to pay your bill.

It is very easy to check your bill online. All you have to do is enter your reference number in the box section given, and your bill will be generated on the screen. You can download and print the bill and easily submit it to any bank. Just follow the steps given above related to how to check the bills so you can easily find, check and pay your bills online. If you want to check the calculation or how your IESCO bills are being calculated you can check iesco bills calculator to get information regarding the calculation or how your bills are being calculated.

IESCO Online Bills Payment

IESCO provides the facility for online bill payment for its consumers. All the consumers can easily pay their utility bills online or at any shop. There are various applications and bank apps through which you can go for online bill payments. You have to enter the reference number in account details and select provide as IESCO your current month will be generated on screen, you can easily pay with your balance.

You can pay your bills online within or with the due date. An online bill payment facility gives you all modes of payment.

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IESCO New Connection

If you want to apply for a new connection with IESCO, you have to visit your nearest office or apply online. There are various types of connection, residential, commercial, and industrial. You can also check your fesco bills online now so you can easily download or print them.

Before applying for a new connection, you must have all the documents that are listed below. After complete verification, you will be eligible for a new connection. For a new connection, there are one-time charges, and every month, the rent is applied to your monthly IESCO bill these are listed on the table.

IESCO New Connection

Getting a new connection to IESCO is now easier. Here you is the step by step procedure:

  • Just download the form or visit here.
  • Fill out the form & submit it to the IESCO Office.

If you want to apply online for IESCO new connection, then it’s quite easy. Here is the Step by Step Process:

  • You need to submit the form online and for that visit here.
  • Select for Company and Region
  • Fill out the complete details and click on submit.

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IESCO Helpline & Complaint Centers

If you have any complaints related to your connection, there are few methods from which you can submit a complaint.

  1. Call the office and submit your complaint. They will ask for a few pieces of information and save your complaint.
  2. Visit the nearest office and submit a complaint verbally. You can also submit the application to the office.
  3. You can submit applications online. Go to the official website and submit the form with your queries.

You can submit your complaint, but they take a lot of time to respond. Sometimes they respond quickly, but most of the time, they take time to reach you due to a high load of complaints. For proper complaints you can check out the below-given details:

IESCO Head Office Address:

  • Head Office Address: IESCO Head Office St, 40 sector G-7/4 Islamabad

IESCO Contact Numbers:

  • Head Office Phone number: 051-9252937/ 9252938/ 9252939
  • Head Office Fax Number: 051- 9252927


Islamabad electric supply company is commonly known as IESCO. IESCO was founded in 1998; later, it was merged under WAPDA. Its fundamental aim IESCO is to supply, distribute, and sell electricity in those areas which fall in its regions. It mainly distributes power to Attock, Jhelum, and Indus river to River Neelum in Kashmir. It almost distributes power to 2.8 million users. From its development until today, they have acquired many technological changes in its organization and still adopting better service to consumers.


The above article contains all information related to IESCO bills. All its consumers are searching for its online bill download, and the duplicate bill we have describes all details in the above content. If you need any kind of help regarding your bills or you’ve got complaints simply use the numbers given above to get more in-depth information about your bills.



  • How can I check my IESCO bill online?

You can easily check your current and previous month’s iesco bill online by entering your reference number in the above box.

  • How to check the bill meter number?

You can only access your bill by putting your reference number in the box.

  • Is it possible to check my bill through my registered address?

No. you can check your bill through a registered reference number only.

  • How can I check my previous month’s bill?

You can check by putting the reference number in the box, and you can select the month of the bill you want.

  • What are the unit rates for a residential connection?

There is no specific unit rate by IESCO. The rate depends on the total number of units consumed.

  • What are the peak hours?

The peak hours specified by IESCO are 7 pm to 11 pm.

  • Can I change my name on my bill?

Yes. You can you have to visit the office and submit an application for changes in the registered name.

  • What is the process to get IESCO a new connection?

To get a new connection, you have to visit your nearest office or apply online. You have to submit a form with all information and submitting all documents. After approval, the team members will install a connection at your home.

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